Auto Body Car Repair Shop in Mississauga Ontario

Your street-friendly car mechanic

Is your car breaking down often in the middle of the road? For a smooth and memorable journey, it’s necessary to keep your car moving smoothly all the time.

At Auto Plus Air Care, we are more than willing to help. We have a competent team of certified technicians who will provide you the perfect care services for your car at affordable rates. Starting from wheel alignment, lift inspection, safety inspection to emission test – Auto Plus Air Care is your final destination for total car care services.

Is your car making strange and squeaky noises? Are you facing frequent engine problems? Getting the right mechanic to work on it means you’ll be free from all worries!

Save money by getting your repairs right at the first time from us.

Our Mission and Vision

High performance, high-class service

We aim to fix all your automobile related problems at the first go by making an accurate diagnosis and at pocket-friendly rates. Our vision is to take care of your vehicle from bumper to bumper. Smart services for your smart cars – with Auto Plus Air Care, it’s a reality now!

Satisfaction and happiness guaranteed

Equipped with modern diagnostic tools, we assure accurate and fast detection of your car problems and provide a 100% satisfaction warranty.

Trained technicians

Any model, any problem– May it be severe or normal, our expert team will solve it in the blink of an eye. We appoint certified technicians who know of the latest technologies in the automotive industry.

Fair and transparent pricing

We provide complete repair bills where you can find the detected problem and the amount charged. No extra costs involved. We know the value of your money.

Genuine parts and service

We use only original car parts and pieces of equipments for repairing your car. Matching spare parts and providing high-quality lubricants are our specialization. Quality is our primary priority.

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