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Drivers often tend to ignore the safety norms of their vehicles until they face a severe problem. Unfortunately, when they realize the safety issues present in the vehicles, it may be too late or some fatal accident must have occurred.

If you’re not alert today then you’ll not be alive tomorrow!

Hence, it is necessary to get your car inspected once a month every year. To make things easier for you, Auto Plus Air Care has introduced affordable and quick safety inspection services.

Get your vehicle’s safety inspected now. Stop accidents before they put a full stop on your life.

What safety norms need to be inspected?

If the mechanic only checks the tyre of the car when the same is being taken for a safety inspection, then please note that you’re being cheated!

At, Auto Plus Air Care we have a set of qualified mechanics who tries to find the safety issues by thoroughly checking every aspect of the vehicle. We verify the following problems before issuing a fit certificate to your vehicle.

    Types of contract:

  • Checking tire conditions

    We check the thread on the tyres and if it’s worn out then immediately we replace the same with a new set of tyres.

  • Ensuring smooth working of brakes

    We never pass a car through the safety inspection process if there’s a slight issue with the brakes. It’s better to have them checked ahead of time and get them replaced before you start hearing the squeaking sounds.

  • Checking light functionality

    When you’re driving through the dark lanes, backup lights, emergency flashers and high beams of your car should be in perfect working condition. We check the same along with the signal lights as well. It’s always better to avoid unnecessary accidents because they hurt!

  • Fixing the pipe or wire leak

    If you don’t find any leaks during the inspection, don’t assume that everything’s fine with your car. Ask the expert to check every wiring minutely. Fluid leaks can be dangerous. They can even cause an unwanted fire in the cars.

  • Checking seat belt functionality

    Without the seat belt, you can get hurt when the car speeds up. Although it may seem a very minor aspect of the safety process, however fastening seat belts during driving is mandatory.